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Umm Venice

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for some reason i can hit 2.6ghz on air (might be able to hit higher but dunno limits of my new corsairs (see sig)) @ timings of 2.5-3-3-8 on air, but she became unstable playing UT2k4 and when i tried those same timings but @ 2.5ghz it wont boot. now im running this thing @ 2.4ghz. btw @2.4ghz my winnie benched a slightly higher score than my venice on memeor bandwidth on sandra. keep in mind, my winnie is a cbbid, while i forgot to check my venice, might not bother checkin steppin considerin it took me 10min installing that pos hs/f that almost bent my board... and to top it all off, i had my tower cooler cool my rig :lol: hey it works wonders i think it beats w/c setups. is the venice able to handle more heat than the winnies?


edit: bah, posted in wrong section :angry2:

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