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Old Usenet Posting

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I decided tonight to go through the old usenet archives. After reading some debates on back to the future from 1985, I decided to look some more. A few clintonn vs. perot debates later, I cam across this:



Notice the last line of the first post. hah. 1993.


Everybody post your hilarious or interesting findings.


edit: and look at this:







This one is scary as hell: http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alt.to...93c20f660a8498b

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The Pentium will make full-motion video, voice recognition, and

imaging on PCs come into reality, according to Intel. The

company is predicting the Pentium will become the processor of

choice for the mid-1990s -- a prediction based on Intel's

current domination of over 70 percent of the estimated 100

million personal computers.


Brian, OS/2 is here to stay, whether you and Microsoft like it or not.

Why does OS/2's success threaten you so much? I keep expecting to see

you say something like "Shut up! Windows is good! It is!"


NT might be a viable option for certain small servers, but it is not

likely to take the market by storm, and certainly not sell as much as

OS/2, which is a _desktop_ system. OS/2 is competing with Windows 3.1,

to which it is _clearly_ superior. (Hell, 2.1 even _includes_ Windows 3.1)

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it is from magical trevor 2


this is the earliest 9-11 posting I found so far: http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alt.re...1839e5087e076b8


edit: look at this prediction:

Well, it doesn't yet, but most PPC advocates base there predictions

that PPC will take over the Intel Architecture based PC market _because_

of WindowsNT. The argument is essentially "once a lot of different

processors run WindowsNT, customers don't have to care about

which processor is in the box they buy." Now, I don't think

anyone with experience with UNIX or commercial software development

will buy this line ( I certainly don't ) but it's the sine-qua-non

of the "PPC will rule" crowd.

it came true, but the opposite

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