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Xp-90 Temps

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Ok, ive got my P4 3Ghz at stock, and i idle around 34-38 C and load at around 46-50 C . I duno, but on the reviews they were getting like 20C idle and all these crazyily low temps. My ambient is pretty low as well, its winter, around 16 - 18C in my room....Oh and the fan is a 92mm Panaflo High Speed. I also got a 80mm Tornado.....but i can't take the noise and also for sum rason when i tried it, temps went up instead of down..


So u rekon temps are right? or u rekon they're off... Also, after switching off, i touch the HSF and it like cold....maybe warm but definently not hot. Compared to my AMD XP 2100+ this HSF is ice cold. Although my AMD supposedly idles at 60C....and loads at 80C...... =S



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