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Wire Management

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So I suppose I'll start out with my stupid story. I was messing with my computer tweaking BIOS settings and whatnot cause I fix things that aren't broken :ph34r:. Yeah, so I started up my computer and I'm playing Kal when all of a sudden it locks up on me. Dang it, it's summer and my overclock is too high I guess. So I restart my computer and figure if it does it again I have to back off my OC.


So I restart and walk away and as I'm walking back to my computer I look in and see the worst thing ever, my cpu fan is at a dead stop. So I run over and flip the back power switch in hopes of not frying anything. So I freak out and already think about how I'd have to RMA the mobo or processor... So I decide to make sure it's just the fan, since I didn't do anything wrong. So I take the fan out and plug it in my bro's computer... Dang, it works... So I put it back in my computer and it starts... then stops a couple seconds in... I turn off my computer and pull it out.


I figured since my computer was out I might as well do something productive so I do some wire management. It took me about two hours since I had to keep moving things around but I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. I got a bit lazy at the end when I added in the cathodes I just stuffed the inverter and cables at the bottom of my HDD rack :P. Here's the results




So I put my computer back in and start it up hoping that it magically fixed itself. I fire it up and go into BIOS and start looking through then I see... What an idiot. I enabled some throttling feature I didn't know what it was and it set the fan to shut off at around 40*C... AHH! I turn that off and start my computer and I've been running it now for a couple of hours. So out of a possible dead computer I got some wire management and finally added in my cathodes, which I never could get working without screwing up the computer.


Edit: I was gonna post some better pics where you could see the wire management but now that I look at it, it's not that great, so just use your imagination... :blink: It's better than it used to be.

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looks good


i hate it when i break stuff when i go to fix stuff that isn't broken...




That took me a while to actually comprehend that :lol:


Nice wire management too :)

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