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One Reason To Buy From Compusa


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Last time I went to CompUSA, they had those Bawls Mints at the checkout counter. So I asked the lady whether they had the drink. She told me they had cases of 12, so two cases turned out to be cheaper by a few dollars compared to buying it online. Then I found a local convenience store that carries the drink. A single bottle cost me $1.49. If I bought 24 bottles from them, it would come out to be about a little over $2 cheaper than buying online.


It's the liquid shipping from UPS that drives the cost up. If it wasn't for shipping, the cost of the actual product is much cheaper. The Thinkgeek offices are in my town, I'm seriously considering ordering from them over the phone and just driving down to the office to save myself the 10 or so dollars on shipping.

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