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Refferal For Folding


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I need referals for cameras4free.com, if anyone is willing to do a refferal, Ill designate one of my computers to your folding farm for 1 year starting today. My farm consists of an AMD3200+ 64 Oc'ed to 3800+ %100 Stable. A 2800 + A64 OC'ed to 3200+, An athalon XP2800+, and a P4 3.2C, I havn't had these rigs folding for some time now because I reformatted them all, so if your interested do a refferal, and pm me the name to fold under. Btw when any of these rigs are upgrade folding stays on.




Folding starts immediatly for any takers. Also, If you don't want me to fold for you, Ill pay $10 to anyone else that does a referal to cover the cost.

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