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ok, since my neo2 platinum is having stabiltiy problems... and with an RMA that will take 2 weeks, Ive decided to sell my 9800 Pro 256MB 256bit ->XT @ 430/400. It has the R360 core, with ATi Silencer 3 rev.2 on it. This card would be an excellent candidate for a volt mod(hint hint). And also from my other thread, i am also selling my G.Skill PC4400 2x256 "LE" ram. This ram is awesome, but i needed a gig for WoW.


All in all, with the inpending RMA, i am looking to trade these items for a PCI-E video card. All offers welcome.


[EDIT] This card handles WoW @ 1024x768 at maxed settings at about 40-70 FPS.



COMON someone has to have either a PCI-E card for trade or a nForce4 mobo they are willing to trade


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