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Looking For A Good Mini Atx

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Trying to build a portable graphics workstation for working on 3D and going to LAN Parties if you wanna know more check my thread in the Modding forum. I don't know very much about Motheboards I found what looks like a good deal but i wanted to get some feedback and suggestions.


This is the board i found:

Biostar M7VIG Pro Socket A MicroATX Motherboard,

Slots - 3 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 CNR.

Ports- Parallel, Serial, PS/2 Mouse, PS/2 Keyboard, 2 Rear USB 2.0 Ports, Game Port, Speak-out, Line-in, Mic.-in, Floppy, up to 4 IDE Hard Disk Devices, Ultra DMA33/66/100/133, 2 Front USB headers, 1 Front Audio header.

Video- S3 Savage 8 Video Integrated, AGP slot available for upgrade.

Sound: C-MediaCMI9739A 6-Channel AC'97 CODEC. Size- MicroATX, 9.6" by 9.6".

Memory support- 2 184-pin DDR DIMM, 2 168-pin SDRAM DIMM, Maximum 2.0 GB.

Chipset- VIA KM266 / VT8235.

Processor- Socket A AMD Athlon XP, up to XP 2600+, Athlon and Duron Processor 200 / 266MHz system interface speed.

Network- VIA VT6103 LAN onboard.


But I don't know if Biostar is any good or if some other company makes a board that would be better suited to my design.


anyway thanks for what ever help you can give



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