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Will It Work Or Will It Not Work?

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ok iv finaly decided to get better cooling on my graghics card it drove my load temps on my proceser from a nice 52c to a astonishing 65c i dont like that so why not get a graghics card solotiion that blows air out of the case?


i found a nice one on newegg:


i dont see a aiw edition under support for that so let look elsewere:


thats odd arctic cooling belives this version dose work on a aiw, i wonder what other sites say :


umm dose it fit or dose it not fit? the main listing on arctic coolings site


that says on that page that the ati silencer 1 rev 2 is the only thing that will fit on my aiw?


this table seems to agree with most of the sites, exept for the detaild specs on the ati silencer 4 have it supporting my aiw on the same site!


so dose it fit or will it not fit?


thx for any help

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Well, the back of the vid card gets hot, too, and that heat will rise towards the CPU and not get removed by that fan...in fact, alot of those PCI slot 'suckers' wind up removing more COOL air from the bottom of the case than heat--the temps can actually go UP!


Sort of defeats the purpose, eh?


Most times, barring a weird case layout, you'd be better off just installing a 120mm blowhole mod or adding another 80mm-90mm intake/vent pair of fans to the box.


Good luck.

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