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Lcd Resolution

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I have a buddy looking at LCD monitors are flipdowns for a minivan. I know this isnt computer related but it does deal with monitors. :D


But yeah, the question is which is better?

1440x234 or 800x480.


and why would the manual for the 800x480 say it can display up to 1,152,000 pixels?


thanks for any help guys.

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i assume this is for video... vertical resolution is more important and since NTSC D1 resolution is 720x480 you'd be WAY better off with 800x480 since there will be a matching number of vertical lines...


are you sure that 1440 x 234 is right? i've never seen anything like that before and it doesn't really make any sense since 234 lines of vertical resolution is about the same as the most rubbish analogue camcorder...

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