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Need To Get All I Can Get

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Ok here's my situation, i purchased a Soyo P4VTE Mobo mobo from MasterRex862 back a few weeks ago. I got ti to make a folding rig and to play with really, bc dont we al love playing with PCs. I got the board based on price alone, i assumed a little OC ability that is all, it has support for nicer CPUs SATA etc, but it's still just a crappy VIA chipset.


So here's my problem, i started OCing the 2.6 celly, got it to be 100% folding stable @ 2937. Yesterday i got the urge to get it to 3ghz, that is my only goal (until i hit that then want to get more but ill save that for another thread later on :lol:) Anyway, im sure the chip is NOT holding me back, my 2.5 celly ran this w/o breaking a sweat. Now, 113 FSB and ive got my 512 stck of PC2300(DDR 284) (not a typo thats what it says it is) @ 292 stable dropped to below speck for testing and the ram wasnt the problem. So i have everything setup bios wise for OCing it an have got it to boot into XP for around 10mins @ 2989 SO you can see why im going after this, im so close yet so far. btw PSU seems good and stable so i dont think i have to worry there. Any ideas?


Rig specs in sig

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