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Which Ram Do I Get?

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Hey guys, im thinking of getting an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ and most probably the MSI K8N Neo4-FI motherboard.


For the m/b.. it says:


Main Memory



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A pair of Kingston Hyper X 1 gb---> $160.00



or you can get 2 sticks of 256mb ddr 500(pc4000) crucial ballistix for under $115 dollars, and they overclock like animals at 2.6 volts. (which leaves alot of room for more OC)




Or you can get the Pc3200 Version and save your self about $20.00 an Oc them to DDR500... I had the ram at 2.5-2-2-5 250 MHz@ 2.7 Volts




**Remember two sticks of 256 Mb is better than one stick of 512 MB, because two sticks allow you to use dual channel (meaning you use the bandwith of both sticks), a 512 MB you only have one bandwith... In short always buy in matching Pairs for maximum performance.

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I would buy one stick of 512mb, so in the future you can upgrade to 1GB (2 x 512mb) ram easily. I first got 2 x 256mb ram for dual channel but it came back to kick me in the nuts when I wanted 1GB, so I sold it and bought 2 x 512mb corsair. So the lesson learned: Buy a single 512mb stick for easy future upgradability.

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