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Which Socket 939 Mobo To Buy?

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looking into building a new box for performance while not breaking the bank.


It will be used for multimedia using software like photoshop, premiere, after effects.

Some gaming may happen on this too, but nothing hardcore.


I have pretty much decided on the AMD 64 3500+ as from what I have read it seems to have the most bang for buck. (any suggestions here are welcome).


So when it comes to the mobo I have narrowed it down to these two:





I have done this just based on features and my past experience with each brand as being pretty good.


Still kinda confused about the whole SLI thing though... do the cards have to be the exact same type? Not really likely to use it, but if they don't need to be I may try it.


Thanks for any help.

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personally, i find that the 3200+ has the most bang for the buck. its only $200 and is a great overclocker. my winchester core did 2.7Ghz. not sure what the venice core will do that. as for the motherboard, DFI seems to be the board of choice these days and is somewhat cheaper than those other ones you listed.




hope this helps :)


*edit* btw, welcome to the OCC :D

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How I view them...


Gigabyte for stability-



DFI for OCing-



MSI for some of both-



You can save yourself about 70 bucks if you don't go with the SLI versions...so think about if you will ever upgrade. And yes, they must be the same cards to run SLI.

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Guest FxXP

A 24 pin power supply is not required for 24 pin boards. It is just there for added stability to PCI-E cards, which most sub X300/X600 models are not gutsy at all. Just make sure that you have a reputable power supply and not the tin box that came with your case.

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