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Ati Radeon 9200se Pci

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I am currently running 2 LG L1710B's off my ATi Radeon X800XT PE, one on Digital, one on Analog.


Now, I have an 9200SE PCI lying around so I though hey, ill put that in, Run both on DVI, and take some load of the X800 when gaming.


So, I cleaned off the drivers, and then used Driver CLeaner in Safe Mode.


Put the 9200SE in, then booted up & Installed the ATi Catalyst 5.4 Drivers.


Then reboot, and,Monitor #2 didnt turn on...I was like ... crap...cards bad...


but then when windows booted, and I went into the ATi CCC, I manged to turn on #2, and it looked great!


Then I activated ULTRAMon, but it wouldent eXtend my Start Bar accross!! :(



Now my Questions are:


1) How do I make ULTRA Mon eXtend onto my other Monitor if I am using 2 seperate GFX Cards.


2.) How do I make the secone card turn on at boot rather than windows?


3.) Is it worth the bother? or wshould I just run em off of the X800??



Thanks alot guys!

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