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6600 For My Nix Box?

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Well, it has come to the life of mty linux box where i think its time to upgrade vid cards. Im curently running an ATi 7500, yeh, i know, shadap. So, being an ATi man myself i was looking at the x700 and was disapointed to see it only came in PCI-e flavors, so i turned to the devil and looked at nvidia, mainly their 6600. I run dual mons on my nix box so im looking to run a PCI 5200 256Mb i had running on an old emachines (it was free, back off lol) on one mon, and the 6600 on my primary mon. Also, i was wondering if anyone knows of any compatability issues with the 6600 and linux in any way, such as with X, or with 3d, or anything. Any insight would be helpfull before i make a purchase, thank you.


oh, the stas on my linux box as of right now are:

Asus P4S800 P4 3.0c

2x512 DDR


ATi 7500 running 2 mons at 2048x768

and im runing Fedora Core 3

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