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Oc'ing Value Ram

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Since my budget has gone way down, and I have no idea where I stand as far as another job is concearned, I'm being forced to buy some value RAM.


So whos OC's better. I need a gig as well.


what Im looking at








and if you can find higher speeds of RAM for around $120, I would appreciate it.

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Get a couple of these and either run it extra tight a stock speeds or overclock stably to pc3500 at cas 2.5.

I've used it 3 builds so far and have found it better than any of the named "value" ranges, remember if Crucial etc find a chip that runs above spec they grade it as such and attach a speed rating and price to match, the one thing you are guaranteed to get from a manufacturer that grades their ram, when they say it will run at only 400 mhz thats pretty much what it will do (unless you are lucky)



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