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Where'd It Go?


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it's gone from windows explorer...i think it's because i uninstalled alcohol 120%, however it is still under the driver manager, but with an exclamation point next to it (ya know, it's like...not working >.<)


but i've tried re-installing alcohol 120% to see if that fixes the problem, but it won't install >.< gives me an error about "driver already in use". so, i uninstall those drivers that aren't working, but still doesn't work. so wtf m8.


i need my dvd burner for a final project! help meh!

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LobbDogg...you're my hero. You can have a cookie of your choice:


1) Chocolate chip Cookie

2) Sugar Cookie

3) Oreo Cookie

4) Milano Cookie

5) Oatmeal Cookie

6) Peanut butter Cookie

7) Other



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