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Silent Hill-themed Mod Ideas

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I had an idea for a mod styled after the "blood 'n' rust" look of the Silent Hill horror game series, but as a newbie modder, I'm not entirely sure how to go about it.


I made this post on the Silent Hill forums, hoping there would be someone there who knows about case modding, and now I'll make it here, hoping someone here knows about Silent Hill.


So I have this old ATX tower case from the early 90s, plain beige with a few bays, square, metal, no real distinguishing features.


I thought it would be fun to give it a few.


Since the internal components are, for all practical intents and purposes, useless, I figured it would make a great candidate for modding and some new parts. The new parts will cost a bit, but the modding can usually be done without an insane monetary expenditure.


BUT...how to mod it? I toyed with a few ideas, including the tried-and-true plexiglas window, internal cathode lights, a metallic "industrial" blue-gray look, and then it hit me.


Make this sumbitch look like something out of the Otherworld.


So, my question to you is: how would one use various tools and paints to turn a beige metal ATX computer case into a Silent Hill-inspired nightmare? What sort of reds and browns would I need to use? Stencils? Deliberately denting the metal of the sides and top? Perhaps even purposely puncturing or cutting out sections of the case (would need to be sealed somehow against dust, but might look good with red lights on the inside)?


This case is essentially sitting in the corner collecting dust, and I have no practical use for it for the time being, so I don't mind at all being a little outlandish and radical in my methods, if anyone has any good ideas on how to make this plain, boring case into something special.


If you're not familiar with the SH style, there are a number of websites with pictures, screenshots, and concept art to familiarize you.


The real trick here, though, seems to me like it would be making it look distinctively "evil" and not just plain rusty, old, and crappy.


And so I turn to you, the master modders, for insight. ...Help?

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You could look trough the gruntville case gallery, even post your Q there there are very serious modders there, litterally but they're also very good loll :P

I even think someone made a case the style you described with rust and old meshing and painted it to ressemble like real dried blood but it was on some other theme :)

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You would need a grey spray can, a dark red spray can, and a flat black spray can, and a dremel.

1) turn on the dremel to any speed you like if it has a speed controler.

2) hold it to che case lightly, so it jumps around. (Make sure you have a firm grasp)

3) paint the whole thing grey

4) cut some holes out of a sheet of paper, varing sises and shapes

5) spray the red through the paper. the red dhould be like 3-4 inches away from the paper, and the paper should be like 6 inches from the comp

6) all the areas that arent red, spray with the black from like 12 inches away from the comp

7) on the front, spray the red and black through the paper at the same time. (you will need a friend or a stand for the paper.



This is just an idea, I think it might work, but im not sure, if you ruin the case its your fault, and you can take it to an airbrush artist.

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