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Wtb: Amd,tv Tuner,hdd,mem, Etc


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Hi there! i'm working on building a DVR from stuff from my old computer.


So far i have NF7-s v2.0, MSI Geforce 3 thats it. ( and a case...)


I want to buy...

AMD processor 2500 or something around there... lowest you can go... plz.

RAM... will update as soon if i know the processor. maybe PC2700 or PC3200

TV tuner. anything. I would prefer the nicer ones. maybe one with a controller..

HDD 80gig+ i prefer WD or Seagate. IDE or Sata (maybe)


DVI/VGA to HDMI cable.




I've got a Geforce 4 PCI. MX440.. by PNY. has box, manual, cd. No OC at all. always in cool enviroment. $39 anyone?


I live in Orange county, CA 92612

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