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New 6600gt Acts Like Its Broken

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ok the card i have is a leadtek winfast a6600gt tdh 128mb card, and is brand new.

ive no idea what motherboard i have as its not mentioned anywhere, so i cant find out either


well i dont know whats going on here, my 9800 did this when it was broken, but then i couldnt even see the desktop or anything properly either, now with my 6600gt desktop is fine.


so why does il2 look like this



and every other game i own apart from Guild wars look like this




i tried raven shield/soldiers heroes of WWII/WE8 and Por evo 4, everquest 2. plinter cell chaos theory

they all are badly ruined with this card


il2FB works perfectly as does guild wars


i have now tried 4 drivers and whenever i check the temp its never higher than 47.


if it is broken then why does il2 work?


i hope someone has an idea

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i have disabled v sync aswell as anii alaising.

the drivers i have right now are 67.03_win2kxp_international also tried 71.89_win2kxp_english, and the default drivers that came with the card on the install disk unfortunatly i didnt see the type theyre were.


someone just pointed out that these are all D3D games that wont run, opengl games still work 100%! :(

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Give as much information about your pc as possible, ie make / model (I'm assuming you've bought a pre built), we'll attempt to ID your mobo (have a look on it for any markings), this may be a BIOS update issue.

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do you got a sis chipset??? they have a fix for that..It's in some beta drivers on 3dguru. I think the drivers were 67.03's Gravy would know for sure..You could PM him.


**edit-yes those are the ones. so give em a try.**

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