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Procedure For Flashing Bios

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Ive never flashed the BIOS before, and after searching the forums that relate to this topic, I didnt find much direction... Can someone explain to me, in general, HOW you update the BIOS once youve downloaded the file.... i dont want to screw it up...



BTW..the size of the file was 512k ... I assume that I would save this file to a floppy and then reboot off the floppy ? ... I understand that youre NEVER supposed to update the BIOS in Windows after reading these forums....

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Guest Jeremy

There *should* be some kind of directions on BIOS flashing in your motherboard manual

I flashed the BIOS on my Asus P4P800 SE successfully by downloading the correct BIOS file, and an ASUS flashing program. I then copied the files to a bootable floppy and executed the commands as it said in the manual.

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