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Any Guitarist / Bassist Here


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Another bassist - played for 8 years.


I've got 2 5-strings: an Ibanez EDA-905(silver) and an ESP B-205. I play off a Carvin R1000 head on 2 Peavey 4x10 TX cabinets. I get a 1000w RMS..............it's makes my head hurt after an hour or so. :)



One day, I will have a Spector Euro 5! I will sacrifice my brother's 1st born child for one if I have to.

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Here's what I used to use:


Telecaster: '62 reissue neck on a cheap mexi-Tele body, aftermarket bridge for EMG-81, Esquire style (no neck pickup hole) handmade plate aluminum pickguard


Boss DS-1 Distortion


Amps:Music Man HD130 (circa 1974) 130W into:

(2) 4x10 cabs butchered from Ampeg SVT 8x10

Sunn Concert Lead (circa 1975) 100W into:

(1) 2x10 cheapie cab


Old 70's garbage that sounded kickass basically. That stuff all got sold during hard times a few years ago. Now all I have is a crappy Tele and no amp. Any scratch that I manage to accumulate goes into comp stuff now.

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guitarist moved to drums. still playing guitar though.


palm bay hand built electric. landola handbuilt 12 string acoustic, ibanez roadstar 2 electric.



Pearl Export 5 piece, yamaha custom 13x5 snare.

cymbals, zildjian a cusom 10" splash, 15" crash, k kustom 17" crash

Paiste, 21" mellow ride, 12" rude splash, 8" splash

Sabian 13" fusion hats. 16" crash


in some bands.

here we go.


Ipanema - Rock Band

Ipanama's myspace some songs off our new album there.


the fins - indie rock at its worst


sound-experiment - trippy funky rock.


play drums in all 3 at the moment. struggling to find OC'ing time :(

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i play guitar, bass, and drums. guitar is my fav. i've been playin for about 6 years since i was 10. :thumbs-up:


at home i got 2 guitars, an Ibanzez RG-270, and an acoustic Applause, by Ovation. i modded the acoustic with a pickup and i play both guitars through my PA system or 10" Drive practice amp. with the elec, i use a Toneworks AX100G pedal, or Danelectro "Grilled Cheese" distortion if i wanna go for the unique 60's and 70's sound.

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This is my rig.



Fender American Strat

40w Fender Practice Amp



Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

Dunlop Crybaby



Dunlop .88 Tortex Sharp

Dunlop 210 Glass Tube

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Ive been playing guitar for about 5-6 years.


My setup

Accoustic - Martin DC16 GTE

Electric - Unknown ibanez nockoff

Bass - Fender special P-Bass (I think thats what its called The made it from 93-95 Its a p-bass body, jazz neck, with active P and J pickups.)

Amp - Fender Hot rod deluxe, and a small marshal practice amp which I use as a temporary bass amp.

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