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Microsoft 70-270


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I was wondering if any one here got XP certified recently and if so I would like to know what you used to get certified (books, software, etc.) your help would be much apriciated. :)

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It is known that when looking for a job in the computer area, any certification looks well, especially if u have many. Go for it i know i will sooner or later.

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I just took this test about 3 weeks ago.


I used the most recent 70-270 Microsoft Press Book which includes all you need to know about supporting XP service Pack 2. These books have come a long way and are now great resources in the field as well as for test preparation.


The test is 50 questions give or take and covers much more than desktop support. You should be comfortable with IIS 6.0 setup for XP, Group Policy, supporting legacy clients Win9x and NT 4.0, and changes to the XP environment when joined to a Domain.


Unfortunately the test has very little to do with the book (that's Microsoft for you :P ). The book gives you the knowledge that you need in the workplace and the test picks on a lot of stuff that is not even covered in the book mainly how legacy machines interact in a Windows 2003 domain.


I will however say that if you purchase a practice test you MUST use the ones from www.Actualtest.com. The questions are drawn from the actual test pool. I did not belive it myself until I actually sat down to take the test. WORD for WORD. Now the catch is that the practice exam is a pool of 184 questions that are randomly drawn by the test so you need to at least be comfortable with all the questions on the practice exam so you can feel good going into the test. you need a 700 out of 1000 and I scored a 923 using this test.


I am currently getting ready to take the 70-290 test which has over 400 questions in the pool so be prepared if you are going for an MCSA or MCSE;

It only gets worse. :(

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I plan to get A+ certified, CCNA cert, a linux cert (don't know what its called), and more, however I realize the CCNA test is really hard so I have t buy more books then the one I just have.



Hey just found this list, if anyone wanted to know.

It lists all computer certifiations.




Pretty Sweet


Ya so Im going for



CompTIA- A+ Certification


Cisco Systems-CCNA

Cisco System-CCNP

MicroSoft- MCSA

and probably

one the the CCIE's or both depending on classes I need or money for classes.


Argh, At least If I make it Ill know Ill get some good money.

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