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2 Questions About Sockets

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bigred u realize u dont have to answer these questions

it's a forum. it's meant for askign questions

now we dont go tell EVERY single person to use google, do we?

no we dont, which is why i ask questions on here.

because it's a forum

meant for asking questions

now if you dont want to answer them, then dont.

it's simple

Ive had far to many people complain to me about my threads. They dont have to answer them, i dont ask the same question twice, yes I may have many questions, but is that such a crime.




You asked a question, bigred answered it. In fact, people like bigred are the reason WHY you can get your answer so fast, reguardless of any comments he adds along. Nerms post says at the end "Also, if you are new here, please use the Search feature to see if you can find the answer to your question and read the Asking For Help Guidelines before posting." Thats the first thing you should have done, so you shouldn't complain about people complaining.

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Guest Raven65
lets play a little game here...  since you can't figure out what the heck google does I'll have to spell this one out for you.


these are going in order of oldest to newest here... 


Intel Pentium 4:  423 / 478 / 775

Intel Xeon:  Slot 2 / 603 / 604

Intel Pentium M:  479

Intel Pentium III:  Slot 1 / 370

Intel Pentium II:  Slot 1

Intel Pentium Pro:  Socket 8

Intel Pentium:  Socket 5 / 7

AMD Athlon 64: 754 / 939

AMD Athlon 64 FX:  940 / 939

AMD Opteron:  940

AMD Athlon XP:  462 (aka socket A)

AMD Athlon MP:  462

AMD Sempron:  462 / 754

AMD Duron:  462

AMD Athlon:  Slot A / 462

AMD K6-3:  Socket 7

AMD K6-2:  Socket 7

AMD K6:  Socket 7




gee give the man an education wouln't ya. LOL

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I am not exactly sure how to end this threads but If the moderators could delete this thread i'd be happy

this is childish bickering

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well said! cut some slack!

i hate it when children fight.

i have had similar problems some times i just use a post to start a conversion on a particular topic but then i get jumped over it

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Keep the fighting to the Alley please. Quustion asked, question answered. Quit being silly and :foldon:

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