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Audigy 2 Problems

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Hey everyone, having another problem. Getting my Audigy 2 (non-ZS) installed has always been a pain, but recently I transfered it to my HTPC. OK, after a few hours I was able to get it to work. After manually finding the drivers, it recognized the card as "Creative WDM Audio Processor". Strange. In my old PC is recognized it as "Sound Blaster Audigy 2". Anyways, everything worked great for a day or so. Last night I came home and accidentaly hit the Sleep button on my keyboard, so the PC went into sleep, then right back out of sleep as I pressed more buttons. When the PC came out of sleep mode, no audio. I then checked the device manager, and the sound card doesn't even show up anymore! After clicking "Scan for hardware changes", it finds the card and asks for drivers. So I found the same exact driver (an expanded zip file on my HD), but now it says something like "The specified location does not contain information on your hardware" or something like that. I do have the absolute latest drivers.


Any ideas?




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