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Formatting Partitions..


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OK first off let me tell you all I havent had the chance to LOOK at the computer yet... so Im just telling you all what Ive been told

first off all I know is its a

Pentium 2 -- no idea on speed

256MB Ram

1x5Gig Harddrive

1x20gig Harddrive

CURRENTLY windows 2000


Anyways the problem is the idiot that set up the computer has the 5 gig drive partitioned into 3 drives... c,d,e and has the 20gig as F....

They are trying to erase 2000 and put 98 on the comp but when they put the 98 cd in and turn on the comp the CD Rom drive gives an invalid system disc error and wont boot... it also seems to have problems reading SOME discs while loaded into 2000...


We tried to format the partitioned harddrive using the command prompt..

you can get format c to work but when you try to format d or e it gives an error(dont know EXACTLY what it says) but something about an improper command which is WRONG... considering we just did the same thing to format C drive...


Thats about all I know and Im getting a chance to look at the computer tomorrow afternoon -- any preliminary ideas first off?


NOTE: we MIGHT be trying to install XP instead... dont know yet.... its either 98SE or XP...


Thanks for the help

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