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Xp-90....normal Temps?

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ive had the XP-90 for about lets see....uhm....about 4months now. I idle at around 34C at an ambient of 18C and load at around 50C at an ambient of 18C as well. The thing troubling me is that so many other ppl get better temps than me, even with their proc OC'ed. Do you think my temp probe is whacked? Im sure that i mounted it on correctly, the only thing that i could have screwed up is the thermal paste. Im currently using a 92mm Panaflo High-Speed fan, i also got a 80mm Tornado....but i save that for summer, its sooooo loud. Everything is running stock....due to temp worries.



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Same Board, IC7-G, Same XP-90, I have a 92mm Smartfan on it, but I have a fan controller, so it is not smart.

My chip is a 3.0e, Prescott, now running at 3.72GHz @ Vcore 1.4625.

It idles around 39 - 42C, but my case is really hot, usually 30C to 32C. If I take the side off and blow air in with a house fan, Case temp goes down to like 25C, and idle temp drops to like 35C.

Sounds like your XP-90 is working good. My load temps at stock speed, have not been at stock in a long time, but I think they were around 50 - 52C


Not exactly cool, but what would you expct with a handle like CPU_Cooker

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