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Winamp 5.09


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Winamp 5.09

* New: By popular demand all "hTtP force to 'Now Playing'" support has been removed

* New: Deletes in the Media Library now move files to the Recycle Bin

* New: WMA Playback now works with WaveOut plugin

* New: NSV Subtitles can be disabled on the fly

* Fixed: Authentication for OGG/Vorbis streams

* Fixed: Drag and Drop strange behavior in open file dialogs

* Fixed: Stuttering WMA On Start and Seek

* Fixed: NSV Video stall during buffering

* Fixed: Autosize of video to be accurate to the Video size not snap size

* Fixed: Short NSV Clips audio cutout

* Update: CD Ripping Library

* Update: Online Media tree is now dynamic (More free videos on the way!)

* Update: Sonic Install / Config flag mismatch





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