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Video Card Choices

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I have to make a choice here. This is my problem. I have been loyal to nvidia forever, but there is a deal on an ati card

These are the cards

ATI x800 xl 256 meg agp ($209.99)

or nvidia geforce 6600gt 128 meg agp (about $180)


What i want to know, is if that ati would be a lot better than the 6600gt. I don't really want to stray from nvidia unless i am going to get much better performance.



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ati gives my employer special deals on their cards, such as ati x800 xt plat. edition for $329


anyway, i guess i should go with the ati then


Yea, that x800xl will give the 6600gt a decent spanking :D


**edit** heh, the 6600gt score is what I'm gonna be aiming for with my aiw 9800pro :lol: **edit**

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