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Alright what the _____ am I doing wrong with this stupid heatsink, no matter how hard I try I cant my heatsink to cool properly... I hit like 60C WTF I have made sure it is seated right, I have applied/removed/appiled as5 as well as other types of thermal compound and still nuttin. What am I doing wrong? Is it possible that a hs/f can be broken? Could it be because I am using an adapter 478-775 that it isnt getting good contact?

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i have the exact same setup, by that i mean xp90 with an adapter


i run at about 40 c idle 50-60 load


doesnt make sense why yours is goin so high, is it OCed? whats your fan?


P.S.my mobo is an asus and has a special "cooling plate" on the back, it made the adpater screws to short to use so i had to go to the hardware store and buy longer ones :(...sry for sharing that 100% bit of useless info, i felt like talking for no reason...

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