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Some Networking Problems

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Ok, I tried hooking up a network between my old computer (crappy celeron) and my new one (check sig) Now, I did the network wizard blah blah blah and i still couldnt see any of the files on my old pc. It couldnt even see the computer through the network! BUT i can play lan games against each other. Weird. Any ideas on how i can view the files and such on my old computer from my new computer?


btw, yes i have filesharing turned on and yes the files are in my shared folder set to allow them to share over a network


another btw, my router is a dlink dl604 4 port router

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How about this....


goto Start->Run


type in...


\\192.168.x.x (whatever the IP of the other computer you are trying to connect to)


Now this will connect if the machines are on different workgroups as well as sometimes if its not showing in My Network Places.


This is a real test to see if it can connect to the other computer as sometimes in My Network Places, some PCs take their time to show up. This is the only way I ever setup my network, I create a shortcut on my desktop with that address and it works everytime.

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Sometimes for the other computers on a network to see files or folders you must enable file sharing for that specific file or folder, then on the other computer it will appear in the shared folder, where you can copy those files over.


Its usally in the properties of the file, on sharing.

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You can go ahead and disable the XP firewall as the DLink uses NAT


Make sure you right click my computer>properties>computer name and check to see if they have the same workgroup name


Start getting familiar with the command lines using the command prompt


go to run> type in "cmd" and press enter

enter "ipconfig" without the quotes to find out each of the PC's IP address


now ping each others IP address and see if you get any packets back


Let us know how it goes

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