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Vga Cooler For 9800xt?

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Like u know those thins for the video cards that arctic cooling makes, like the ATI silencers?


are those hard to install? and it says on their website that they dont even make them for 9800xt's anymore?


and how hard are they to install? :D


EDIT: wait is just says the ati silencer 3 is discontinued? for the 9800xt

but is the one they make for it now the ati silencer 3 rev 2?


whats the difference, or are both disconitnued and Im just stupid lol

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I don't think it'd be very difficult to install. Check out a couple guides/review before you buy. They don't make the original ATI Sliencer 3. But they do, however, make Revsion 2 of that product. These are supposedly new for revision 2:



**Easier Installation

New clip and back plate design for better fit.


**Exhanced Compatibility

New fan casing design to enhance compatibility.


**Clicking Noise Solution

A filter is integrated into the PCB to reduce the noise generated from the motor.

I'd definitely buy the revision 2. Product manufacturers revise their product to make them better, so it only makes sense. The price should be the same, and any reputable and updated website will tell you which revision you're getting.

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I got the ATi Silencer 4 for my X800XT PE, and it was very very easy to install.


id imagine the Silencer 3 rev.2 would be the same.


The insturctions where very clear. I had never installed a Heatsink of any kind before and manged fine :)

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Like I asked in my other thread? what do yall think about the zalman 700c? for my vid card?


The silencer will vent hot air outside the case lowering all temps, and I think will cool a bit better then the zalman.

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