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Newbie To This Mobo/cpu/gpu

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What's up everyone? I need your advise, direction and all the other words here. Let's get right to it.

I have been running on this setup for a week just to get to know her again. (My other Mobo/CPU/GPU was an A7N8XE-D/Athlon XP-3000+/Geforce 5600 256mb) So far I LOVE it. I think it's time to open her up and see what she can do, Don't you?? RIGHT?! Right. Ok so now I have noticed more versatility in the Bios. That's where I need help. Let's increase the FSB then I'll go from there. But where? I mean I know where but it's different in this Bios than the other one. So all you guys out there with the same Mobo....please teach me. Give me hints. Ok enuff said, I think you know what I'm asking here.

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