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How To Set Up Thunderbird For Gmail


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nstructions are for adding Gmail as another account to Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite mail clients.


    * Open Thunderbird or Mozilla Suite mail -> go to Tools -> go to "Account Settings" -> click "Add Account" button -> select "Email Account" -> click "Next" button.

    * Enter your name in the "Your Name:" field -> enter your entire Gmail address ([email protected]) in the "Email Address:" field -> click "Next" button.

    * Select POP (on top) -> enter pop.gmail.com in the "Incoming Server" field -> Unselect "Use Global Inbox(Store Mail in Local Folders)" -> click "Next" button.

    * Enter your entire Gmail address ([email protected]) in the "Incoming User Name:" field -> enter your entire Gmail address ([email protected]) in the "Outgoing User Name:" field -> click "Next" button.

    * Enter a name (Gmail) for your email account in the "Account Name:" field -> click "Next" button -> click "Finish" button.

    * Now there will be new account created in "Account Settings" called "Gmail".

    * Go to "Server Settings" under Gmail -> select the 1st checkbox-"Use Secure connection(SSL)" -> select the 4th checkbox-"Check for new messages every 10 minutes", don't select anything more.

    * Go to "Outgoing Server SMTP" in "Account Settings" -> click "Advanced" button -> click "Add" button.

    * In "Server Name" field write smtp.gmail.com -> "Use name and password" box must be selected -> in "User Name" field enter your entire Gmail address ([email protected]) -> under "Use Secure Connection" select SSL -> After selecting SSL, the port number will automatically change from 25 to 465. This is correct! Now click OK -> click OK. For all Gmail accounts SSL should be used!

    * Go to "Server Settings" under the "Gmail" account -> click "Advanced" button -> go to "SMTP" tab -> Under "Server" field drop-down select the last one. Normally it will be smtp.gmail.com:465 -> "POP" tab -> select "Inbox for this server's account" -> now click "OK" button. Close Thunderbird / Mozilla Suite -> launch Thunderbird / Mozilla Suite.

    * You also need to perform one last step. POP must be enabled in your Gmail account. After logging into your Gmail account -> "Settings" -> "Forwarding and POP" -> "POP Download:" -> choose either "Enable POP for all mail (even mail that's already been downloaded)" or "Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on" -> click "Save Changes" button. Either option you choose that fits your needs will work here.

    * Try to Send and receive Email messages. Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite mail will ask for your Gmail password twice, once when you send, then again when you receive e-mail. You should enter the password correctly both times when prompted. Also select "Use Password Manager to remember this password" so that it wont ask for password the next time you send and receive e-mail. You can leave the "Use Password Manager to remember this password" un-checked if someone other than yourself may have access to your e-mail client to protect your privacy. Then you will have to input your Gmail password each time you access your Gmail through Thunderbird / Mozilla Suite mail.

    * That is all. Now you can receive all the Gmails in Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite mail while online and read the letters when you are offline.

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I heard about this a while ago and did it right then. It's great having one program check 4 of my email accounts. Now if there was only a way to get Hotmail and Yahoo mail in Thunderbird, I would be set.........

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