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Best Budget Card

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The 9800 series from ATi are dropping in price rapidly; they play games really well too. I am using a 9800 non-pro and I get 150fps constantly on HL2, all settings max @ 1024x768.


Here is a 9800pro 128mb for 129.99 :



That is the BEST sub $150 dollar card available.

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That may be true, however, the X700s are PCI-Express and KB has AGP. So that idea is out the window along with the 6200


Edit: I just found some 6200s in AGP flavor, and they're not too far from the $100 price range.






I was going to suggest a 9600XT since 9800Pros are still hovering in the $150 area, but would he see enough of a performance benefit from his current Ti4200?

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Look around for a recon ATI 9700pro, they're about 5% slower than a 9800 pro and If you overclock even exceed 9800pro performance, Ebay are showing some Hercules ones (good o/clocker!s), factory reconditioned, for $90 a pop, 13000 in 3dmark '01 and 5800 in 3dmark '03 guaranteed. Nothing else at that money can even get close.

have a look at what you can expect



Thats against a ti4600 and doing DX8 benchmarks!, in DX9 the difference is approx 400% greater!!

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I got a Leadtek 6200 AGP, and I got it O/C to 487mhz core/719mhz mem. *EDIT* and thats up from 300/500 :)


I also unlocked the 4 pixel pipelines, I think with the nv43s there is a 100% unlock rate.


It cost something like $115 at newegg

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