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Html Question

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I have seen some javascript scripts which supposedly send info to an email. But they don't seem to work.


Most send the info to some adress in cgi bin. But I want to send info to my email at [email protected]


I don't want windows to open up some email window - I want the info sent from the form to my email.



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Try this:




'Sends an email through SMTP



Public Sub SendSMTPEmail(aTo, aFrom, aSubject, aText)



Set CDONTSMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")


CDONTSMail.To = aTo

CDONTSMail.From = aFrom

CDONTSMail.Subject = aSubject

CDONTSMail.Body = aText


Set CDONTSMail=nothing

End Sub

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yeah the problem I'm having is many of the scripts seem to send info to a cgi bin. But I'm using hotmail.


I want to write mailto:[email protected]


I've got a feeling there is some cgi bin reference in there!


Oh yeah and its preferable to use javascript or VB because most of my free web space doesn't support PHP etc.

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