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Cant Change Wallpaper

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okay i was recently hit with a ton of spyware/viruses and have just made the switch to Firefox, however i still cannot change my background ( see picture)


ive made severla scans with nortin and adaware and i have no viruses and everytime i scan with adaware i always have more spyware no matter how many times i remove it. any ideas ?

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active desktop problem??? try this perhaps:


1. display properties>desktop(tab)

2. Click on customize desktop

3. Click on Web(tab)

4. check for anything with a checkmark beside it. if anything is checked, uncheck it.

5. if there are things listed and you have never used active desktop before delete all of them.


this is a guess, but spyware couldve changed the active desktop to a website. never seen it happen but i imagine it could.

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smeg, any luck with this?


I'm assuming you were/are logged on as admin


I have seen this before, but for the life of me, I don't remember what it was.....


just make sure to run the basics as mentioned:

Hijack this (ALWAYS be CAREFUL with this one....it is easy to delete good guys!)



MS antispyware (hate to admit, but I am sold on this one)


and please let us know what happens

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