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Should I Get Tccd Or New Winbound Utt Bh?

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I currently am looking to buy the Corsair TWINX (2x512) PC3200 C2 ram. I also have two choices. Eitehr to get the TCCD one or the "new" winbound UTT Bh5.


I dont know which to get, can someone plz outlike the differences and such? My mobo will only let vdimm get up to 3.3v. I am hoping to get at least 250mhz at 1:1 with my o/c CPU. My system temp is 29'c if that helps (if ram needs extra cooling?)


What are TCCD capable of doing at what timings? And what are the new Winboudn UTT Bh5 capable of doing? I know they love high voltages but why is this winbound so popular now? They needs lots of voltages...but the TCCD takes less and gets higher MHZ doesnt it?


Thnks in advance,



EDIT: I have a Intel system (P4 2.8) so do timings matter on intels? or was it on AMD that they dont matter..?

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