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Im going to sell somethings I no longer need . First is my xbox less than 6 months old with $70 monster HDTV cables, 1 wireless remote, 1 type-s controller, Halo 1 , Halo 2. Asking $100 plus shipping on the xbox.


Also for sale is my Swiftech H2O kit.


1.Swiftech 5 1/4 res.

2.Swiftech Amd 64 (754/939/940 socket) waterblock with blue plate

3.Black Ice 120mm rad. Blue

4.Swiftech 80mm rad. blue

5.Swiftech pump

6.Swiftech Gpu block blue


the water cooling kit im asking $200 shipped.


Everything is a great deal I don't need trade got to sell this for my phase change unit.

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