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Masterrex862 Here!


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Well, I haven't introduced my self yet. I am a 16 y/o guy that lives in FL. My hobbies are computers/tech and programming, along with Sport ATV riding. Some of you already have seen or know me, so I am just here to say hi!!!


Also! Plese check out my forums - They are brand new and in need of members!!




Please Join!!!


- The Masterfull Rex!

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'sup man, I live in Florida too! Cape Coral, whereabouts in FL do you live, I'm 14.



I live in Port Saint Lucie. Its on the east coast, kinda southern.


I run alotta PC's - And yes, I fold. ( Not for a team. )


A64 2800+

512MB CorsairVs

ECS 755-A2

Sapphire 9800 Atlantis


Celeron 2.53Ghz @ 2.8Ghz

512MB CorsairVs

Soyo P4VTE

GF4 MX 4000


AMD K6 450MHz

128mb pc100

unknown mobo


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heh, lotsa floridians...this heat starting to come in is not helping my graphics card ocing i've been doin lately ;)...kinda wish I was back in ny still.


Oh, I live in orlando myself.

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