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Its Alive

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*digging out the old radeon 9000 pro card.*

OMG i got my 9000 pro back up and runnning. searching around for a few bios, i got it going. man im soo happy yet pissed. with only 64mb of ram on it using the sapphire atlantis pro bios i still get the 30-40 fps my 128mb 9600se gives... i need to get my 9000pro back up to its original 128mb of ram. problem is, the bios i found @ ati tool's web site doesnt worth it it and it uses hynix ram. the hercule bios dont work either. all in all i revive my good old 9000 pro, but its not in its original condition :(:google: wasnt much of help to me. but still im happy lol, but for now im using the 9600se due to the 128 mb of ram lol.


edit: on stock air, its running @ 309/570 with a few artifacts.

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