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Amd64 3000, 3200, 34500, 3800 Venice Or Winnie's

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Well, hi everone, I'm new to posting on the forums, but have been around lurking for a few months now. I'm building a computer system to play Far Cry and CSS on, and I'm trying to decide on the CPU to use. I know it will be a Amd64, the Mobo I'm using is LanPart NF4 UT-D. The question I have, is looking at prices of the 3000, 3200, 3500 and 3800 is mostly the price jump, though its only 200$ in most places I visit, I'm a student and that 200$ is hard to come by. Also, I'm planning to get into OC'ing. I have alot of friends who do, and I spend most of my day at work surfing these forums and others regarding the subject, so for this, should I wait for the Venice chips even though it will more than likely cost more it seems. Is there any real benefit to them for the average OC'er? Everything I OC will be on air for the foreseable future.


Thanks and happy to be finally posting :)

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