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Cant Go Higher?


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I just got some CoolBITS going on the comp in my sig..


got my MX440 from 240/332 to 325/450...


was wondering if this seemed about a normal OC... CoolBits has yet to give me a failed test and I see no artifacts in any of my games or benchmarks..


BUT I did notice that going from 305/410 to 325/450 I didnt get any FPS gain in CS:S stress test... both times I got 125 fps(I gained a whole .3 <_< )


So what do you think....


Is it worth it to keep going up and see if I can hit higher?


EDIT: well Im addicted so I went higher...

got up to 350/500 before I artifacted..

dropped it to 330/480 and everything runs fine...

got 128 fps in Source stress test :)

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