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Burened Out My Mb

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No one can read? CAD dolla, meano le cheapsa dollarsa comparada americana, anyway.


Gigabyte or MSI will do fine, just make sure its got the 865p chip. You wont be overclocking on a $100 board.




i can read, geez

look... http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc....127-152R&DEPA=0



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I have a brand new mob on ebay right now. Check it out HERE


It will probably go for around $40, maybe less. It's a pretty good board and it looks great. It would be perfect for what you want. I could also work out a shipping deal for you, I'm in Red Deer, AB.


As for paying online you can use www.certapay.com to do email money transfers within canada - from anyone you choose to buy from.


Also NCIX has electronic bill payment set up as a payment method if you decide to buy from them. I just bought THIS mobo from NCIX for $89 and it ROCKS! It came with a ton of goodies including full-versions of drive image, partition magic, pccillin 2004, virtual drive and sys restore! The board I recieved was red, I don't think they carry the purple pcb anymore.


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