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Whats The Best Watercooling Kit For 200$

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Im gonna hopefully have 200 bucks here soon

like in yalls opinion, What is the best watercooling kit out there, Like I dont have much money, so i dont want my computer to fry


and some other questions

Is watercooling generally safe? this would be my first time

Is it reliable?

and is it usually easy to set up?


thx :thumbs-up:

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are they overall pretty safe though?

or if I dont like risk? should I avoid them?



they do take a good bit of time to set up and get going initially, and there is a good deal of maintenance compared to air, always need to check things once a month or so for potential leaks, use distilled water, not tap water, distilled water is supposed to be non-conductive in pure form, don't use antifreeze, it tends to clog things up, and wont make it run any cooler, just add 10% Redline Water Wetter and a few drops of some sort of aquarium anti-growth stuff to keep the slimy stuff out, oh, and add these things after it is pretty much full of water, i messed up the first time and put the water wetter in first and then the water and it took hours to bleed the foam and bubbles.....

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I just setup my water this weekend, and it was pretty gay to setup (mainly because i placed things in bad spots and I had bad tubing). I'm using 85% distilled, 15% antifreeze + about 4 ounces of alcohol for algae. The water flows through the tubes effortlessly enough that I can constantly hear the water swishing around in my 5.5in bay res. It is pretty safe when you get it running. the only thing that I dont like is draining, but it can be done without spilling or leaking. One thing i do recommend is to take the time to use hose clamps, it made me so much more confident of my wc. I've ran it non-stop since saturday night, andi've had no glitches.

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