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New Aiw 9800pro Oc


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I got my stubborn aiw 9800 pro, which wouldnt do 400mhz on stock cooler, up to 430 mhz and rising. I slapped(lol, wish it was that ez) a lapped thermaltake socket A Silentboost heatsink on it, and paired it with a 80mm 30cfm fan for some real nice gpu cooling. So far I have not gotten any artfacts, and my last aluminum custom heatsink(pentium 2 passive hs w/same 80mm fan) would start to artifact at about 415mhz. Already +15mhz more and still testing higher speeds ;). Once it starts artifacting, I'm going to vmod it and then see how far it will go then. So far I'm happy though - a 50mhz gpu OC on a r350 core AIW isnt easy :P(poor aiws tend to get the lower quality cores, but at least I got the good samsung chips ;) )

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