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Skooling The N00bs

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That was one of the most hillarious threads I've read, ever. I've never seen so nuch use of the word "noob" and it's many variations in one topic! Let alone one page...


I find it funny how no matter what somebody says, the person that posts after them, calls them a "noob." I swear, even playing the Halo trial (when I had it, until I got Halo about a year ago) wasn't that bad.


Even Runescape, if you've played it, you'll know what I'm talking about, wasn't as pathetic as that.


None of them got the true definition of hacker or hacking, if I read everything right. Although if I missed something, please do point it out. A majority of them don't have basic grammar skills.


Take a look at some of the other stuff they post, like this. Technically, isn't he whining about people whining? Also, getting 25 lvls in one day, even I don't sit on my butt that long.


Funny none the less. :lol:



EDIT- Head over to the Runescape section, scroll down a bit and look at the hacking threads there. It's amazing that people still try to hack in Runescape. Even though it's virtually impossible to do so now.

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Crackers are people who code thier own / or use soemone elses programs to do harm. Hackers use thier coding expertise to create or improve things.


Without hackers there would not be linux.


He actaully has a decent idea of what a hacker is.


Mostly everyone there really are noobs and dont know what a hacker even does. They all probably use cheats in the games that they play, while telling others not to cheat.

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