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X800xl Agp Pricing Changed

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Did I miss something or did the pricing for the x800xl AGP cards change.


I am saving up for an x800xl AGP, I was looking at a Saphire on New egg,



But now the price is $374 while the PCI-E card is $305.

I could have sworn I saw the AGP card at like $325 or $335 like a week ago.

Was I smokin crack at the time, am I dased and confused?

@ $374, Heck, at that point why not just pony up the extra $50 and get the freeking XT card. The Saphire x800 pro is priced at $389.


Wanting to know if I missed something or if the prices did change.



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Guest Poopsicle Boy

yea newegg changes prices around and has special deals all the time. due to the items popularity and what they have in stock.

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