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New Project Computer *pics*

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I'm building this computer for my wife. I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. She wanted all orange everything but the power supply had blue on it so I painted the drives to match (as close as I could get). I also can't start it yet because the Ultra PSU didn't come with a 24 pin ATX cable, only a 20 pin. It's on order. Here are the relevant specs and some pics:


Sunbeam Acrylic Case

AMD 64 3000+ w/512K cache (939 pin)

ThermalTake Venus 12 HSF

Ultra X-connect 500W PSU

Chaintech VNF4 motherboard

Crucial Ballistix 2x512 DDR400

Hitachi 80GB SATA Deskstar

Gainward Geforce 6600 RT 128MB PCI-E









The power supply went it upside down because that's the only way the case will allow it. I guess Sunbeam wasn't considering the possiblity that one way does not fit all.

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