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Want To Be Puzzled?

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Pretty straight forward:


Make a tag, password, give age, city and state. Enter Clay's password, and then the code given on the page for validation.


If it doesn't work, and you've got an e-mail we can use, I think that we can invite you by e-mail.


also, I am using firefox, and I can see the riddle just fine.



ah, the problem was it wasn't opening the login screen for me on firefox. I got in now and see the riddle :). Although I do have to use IE to view the member list.


wtf am i supposed to type to get in lol


okay. I will provide the answer to the first riddle in spoiler text. however, you will surely kick yourself upon reading it, so I advise you to try for awhile first. Just keep on typing in answers....you'll probably stumble upon it.


Also, make sure you do not quote what I'm about to write because I don't think the spoiler text color code will copy over, and it will expose the answer to everyone.


Here it is (highlight to view):



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Are the challenges based on Xbox games? If they are, then I'll probably have to search for the answers.

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I solved the riddle:

"It is "The End" when Alpha, Delta and Omega are destroyed."


It says there won't be another riddle until tommorrow

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